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The Missing Half is Nearing its Launch

The highly anticipated new series, The Missing Half, is now in the final stages of production and set to launch in the coming months. After an extensive creative process, the artwork is currently in the coloring phase, with the lettering phase soon to follow.

Once the core pages are complete, the series will come together with some focused promotional efforts targeting early readers. Readers can look forward to the initial launch happening via a crowdfunding platform in June, providing early adopters a chance to be among the first to experience this new story.

Shortly after the crowdfunding campaign, The Missing Half will become available through the Tribe Direct store and IndyPlanet. Additionally, special variant editions and other artist celebrations are planned to mark the launch, giving collectors something extra to look forward to.

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We will be updating all our social channels, and add updates here, when we have the final version of the crowdfunding platform set. Stick around!

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